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Still Jealous 12" Vinyl (Opaque Red)

Title: Still Jealous
Format: 12" Vinyl (Opaque Red)

01)  You Wouldn't Like Me
02)  Take Me Anywhere
03)  I Bet It Stung
04)  I Know I Know I Know
05)  Where Does the Good Go
06)  Downtown
07)  I Won't Be Left
08)  Walking with a Ghost
09)  So Jealous
10)  Speak Slow
11)  Wake up Exhausted
12)  We Didn't Do It
13)  Fix You Up
14)  I Can't Take It

We covered each other's songs from SO JEALOUS on the acoustic guitar. It's sad and strange and it helped us pass the time in the early days of the pandemic. Reimagined and totally acoustic.